Some Seriously Weird Stuff at Brother Jimmy’s

This review is actually from a couple weeks back but somehow I forgot to report on these crazy drinks and I just feel the need to because they look so strange.

We met up with friends for the World Cup finale only to find Stout completely packed hours before the game. We were in desperate need of a back up bar so we ended up inside Brother Jimmy’s right near MSG. We actually had a friend working at MSG that day so the location worked.

We were starving when we arrived so we ordered up some apps to share. Here’s a look at the Nacho’s.

These were actually pretty good as far as the appetizers went. There was a good amount of cheese and toppings but the chips seemed to stay surprisingly crispy for the most part. The chicken finger appetizer was very weak. The breading was too peppery and the chicken itself just had a funky flavor.

The craziest part of our meal however came later when we decided to change from beers to mixed drinks. I ordered a Myrtle Beach raspberry margarita.

Look at this unnatural neon pink drink that came out! I was a little bit frightened honestly. Unfortunately it tasted even worse than it looked. The drink was so thick and chalky it was like drinking paste. And when I finally got a decent gulp down the flavor was so acidic that it burned the back of my throat. I never liked Myrtle Beach growing up. It must have been some foreshadowing for this drink.

My friends Carolina Cooler fared slightly better. It didn’t have the same chalky texture as mine but the ectoplasm color and sweet acidic flavor were still there rendering both of these cocktails close to undrinkable.

There are only certain places where cocktails should be ordered and Brother Jimmy’s is definitely not one of them. My lesson has been learned.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ