Almond Restaurant

After a very unsuccessful day of wedding dress shopping last Monday I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I had left in the morning without eating breakfast and now it was hours later and I was unhappy and starving. I was heading home when about two blocks from my apartment I passed by Almond. I happened to have a Blackboard Eats passcode for 30% off and the outdoor patio looked inviting, even in the ridiculous heat. I decided to stop in and try and cheer myself up a little.

As I looked up my Blackboard Eats passcode I realized if I paid with my visa card I could also get a free glass of wine with the deal! Hell yeah! I was extra excited to see one of my favorite local wines on the list, a Pinot Blanc from Leib Cellars.

Since most people had off on Monday they were serving their brunch menu. I wasn’t really feeling any brunch type food. I needed comfort food. And my comfort food is almost always a nice big burger.

Big is definitely the way to describe the platter of food that came out. My hefty burger was surrounded by a heaping pile of french fries, some big juicy tomatoes and a nice side salad. The salad was a nice refreshing surprise and I gobbled that up right away. Another big surprise were the french fries! I wasn’t expecting much but they were thin, crispy and addictively delicious.

My burger on the other hand was a little overcooked. I had asked for medium rare and it came out looking more like medium well. However it retained some of its juiciness and Gruyere cheese on top made me a very happy girl. And take a look at these extra pickley pickles. Yum!

Overall I really enjoyed Almond and would go back in a second. The menu is a little on the pricey side but with the passcode and free drink I got out of here relatively scott free!

Almond Restaurant