A Little Brazilian Luck

I was working in the west village again and getting a little psyched to get out of work and catch the tail end of the Brazil/Chile game. I was so excited I decided I needed some kind of Brazilian treat to get myself even more excited for the match. Luckily there’s a place one block from my office that specializes in just that- Bee Desserts.  Basically a little café/lunch spot, Bee desserts is so small and unassuming it’s easy to walk by. However if you want to try something different I ask you to stop and take a look.

Bee desserts are known primarily for one thing- their delicious chocolate covered honey cakes. They have a couple different flavors- plain, almond, marshmallow and chocolate strawberry to name a few. Each one comes in its very own cute little Bee box.

Once you open up the box there’s more surprises. The chocolate covered disc is wrapped up in foil with a magical little bee sticker holding it all together.

Once you get through the foil- TADA!! A wonderful little chocolate bee mold on top of the cake. Seriously- can this dessert get any cuter??

Now here’s the best part. The actual cake itself. WaBlam!!!

Once you cut into the crispy dark chocolate outer shell a wonderful and crazy honey cake is layered with the flavor of your choice. In this case- marshmallow.  I find it so difficult to explain how this tastes until you’ve actually had one for yourself. From the picture your probably assuming this is one rich, dense dessert. On the contrary. This is one of the lightest little cakes you will ever have. So light that I ate the whole thing no problem and could have gone for more. The honey cake is so moist it’s almost wet, with just the right amount of natural sweetness.  Well this sweet little Brazilian treat sealed the deal for me and the soccer team as well. Brazil won 3 to 0 and all was well with the world.

Bee Dessert