Independence and Seafood- Meal II

So after our wonderful lunch at the Crow’s Nest Sunday we took a cab down to Nolita and just kind of bummed around the city a bit. We did a bunch of walking around the village, watched the Yankee game end at Spring Lounge and finally made our way over to the West Village where we planned to see some fireworks.  After all of our walking around those three jumbo shrimp from earlier didn’t seem to be the greatest at keeping me full. Both Mr. T and I were starving as we headed to Blind Tiger so we made a quick detour across the street at Fish.  Since most restaurants were closed for the holiday it seems everyone came here. Luckily we got the last two person table and started out with a nice appetizer from the raw bar.

A half pound of stone crab claws and a couple of Malpeque oysters. Look at the size of these oysters! They’re massive! The stone crab claws were pretty large themselves and filled with a ton of meat.

I really enjoyed the spicy onion vinegar sauce for dipping as well.

They also gave us a very nice basket of bread. One of my favorite parts about going to Aguagrill is chowing down on their jalapeno cornbread. Fish makes their own version and I have to say it was quite up to par with Aquagrill's. For my main I went with the Cod Sandwich.

A nice thick piece of cod had been lightly grilled with tasty charred lines and a moist flaky middle. It came with a ton of fries on the side but I tried to stick to te sandwich itself.

Mr. T ordered the Fried Clams platter. This plate was massive as well with a ton of clams, fries and nice side of salad. I have to admit, I didn’t really like the fried clams. They were a little too…fresh? That may seem strange but I grew up on frozen Denny’s style fried clams strips. For some reason anything else won't do it for me.

As far as the bathroom at Fish goes I give it 3 flushes- average and adequate. It was a single stall which is nice and had all the proper amenities but nothing special. The paint was chipping on the walls so it could definitely go for an update but for a fish shake it worked.

Overall it was a fantastic meal. We each had two drinks and still got out under $100on the check. Not a bad deal for all this seafood! We left Fish and tried to watch the fireworks at Brass Monkey but it was packed. Instead we had a quick beer at The Standard Grill and then watched the fireworks as we walked toward home. What a nice way to spend the 4th of July.


Maria said…
Love the bathroom review addition!! Although I'm sure I'll be horrified at some :(
Roze said…
Ha! I don't want to horrify anyone. Therefore the frying pan will not be shown