Restaurant Week Brunch at Lure

We had quite a jam packed and scalding hot weekend in NYC. Friday night we went to the Yankee game which began with an emotional tribute to Steinbrenner and Bob and ended with a thrilling walk off home run by Swisher. Saturday we took the train up to Westchester and spent the day where Mr. T grew up. His parents put on a fantastic spread of burgers, dogs, porterhouse steaks, and a ton of really good beer.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of really good beer in a while and all of those high octane drinks really caught up with me. I woke up Sunday feeling a little like a truck ran over me. I contemplated cancelling our lunch date but after a nap and lots of water I decided I could make the trek.

We got to Lure at 2:30 and the place was packed. Our friends showed up right on time and we got a table near the sushi station. Luckily I wasn’t the only one feeling under the weather. My friend had also had a few too many beers the night before and we were determined to find a way to feel better. We decided the only thing to do was get a little hair of the dog.

I couldn’t fathom having a beer but a cocktail sounded like it might do the trick. He went for the Bloody Mary Royale and I ordered the Pineapple Sage Daiquiri.

This Daiquiri was just what the doctor ordered. It was light, refreshing and dangerously delicious. After a few sips of our cocktails we were both feeling much better. For our appetizers I started out with the Oysters.

Half a dozen Blue Point and Kumamoto Oysters with some mignonette and cocktail sauce. I’m not a big fan of Kumamoto Oysters but the Blue Point were excellent. The other appetizers were a salmon tartar, clam chowder and a shrimp tempura. First of all who orders Clam Chowder when it’s 100 degrees outside??

The shrimp tempura came with a slightly spicy sauce that reminded me of Nobu’s rock shrimp tempura sauce and the salmon tartar got rave reviews.

I trid to order the steamed Branzino for my entree but they were sold out, so I ordered the Mahi Mahi tacos instead.

I’m actually really glad the Branzino was gone because I loved these tacos! Definitely not your normal fish taco the fish was grilled, not fried, filled with pineapple chunks, corn, some spicy mayo and wrapped in a hard tortilla shell. I could see how some purists would pu pu this taco but I loved all the different elements. The only thing I would do next time is ask for no cilantro (can’t stand that stuff) but otherwise it was a wonderful and filling plate.

Mr. T went for the Sushi Combo which consisted of 8 pieces of sushi and a spicy tuna roll. The sushi was good- not Yasuda style or anything but fresh and well executed.

The last entrée was the Shrimp and Grits. I love shrimp and I love grits but I’ve never been a huge fan of the two combined together. This version came with chorizo and a fried egg on top. This dish had a little too much spice for me but overall it was pretty tasty.

I’ve been really trying to expand my dessert horizons so I veered away from my usual choice of chocolate cake and ordered the Lemon Pudding Cake.

The cake was texturally just like it sounded. Creamy, almost like custard, with a sweet, cool lemon flavor, blueberry compote, toasted almonds and blueberry ice cream. This dessert was perfect. The cake was so light it didn’t weigh me down and the blueberry and lemon mix was a refreshing summery treat.

These are the mini ice cream sandwiches Mr. T ordered. How cute are they! They came in two flavors- Chocolate chip cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Vanilla cookie with Strawberry ice cream.

So the meal ended and everyone was very satisfied with their food. I continue to enjoy Lure’s cute nautical theme and my Pineapple Sage cocktail really saved the day. Another successful RW meal! I wonder how many more I can fit in before the week is over?

Lure Fish Bar


Anonymous said…
I went to Lure for restaurant week a few years back and was completely disappointed :( Their burger, which is supposed to great, (which we ordered separate because it was not part of the rest week menu) was nothing to rave about and overpriced. I dont mind paying more for supposedly good food, but what a disappointment. Same with the fish-nothing at all to rave or come back for. Overall, i found this place to be mediocre at best-will not return.
Roze said…
Sorry you didn't enjoy Lure. We had the burger a few years back and thought it was very good although today I probably wouldn't hold it up so high after eating Minetta's black label and all the other awesome burgers out there. I agree that Lure will not blow you away food wise but I think it's good and for RW an excellent value.