Independence and Seafood- Meal I

Wow has this year been hot so far or what!!! Whenever the temperature rises above 80 degrees I’m not exactly thrilled. I love the summer sun but all this humidity really makes it difficult to do anything. That being said however- I love the fourth of July and I wasn’t going to let this weather keep me indoors. So Mr. T and I headed to the Crow’s Nest on Sunday for a little lunch in the sun.

The Crow’s Nest is located on top of the Water Club right on the river. The views are gorgeous and all the tiki torches and cheesy music really make it feel like your on vacation. Not only that but they make my favorite fruity drink- a Banana Pina Colada.

This is so good!!! I could drink like 10 of these but I’m aware of the calorie count in such drinks so I limited myself to one and took my time enjoying it. Mr. T went safe with a Heineken Light and we got set to order some food. The menu at the Crow’s Nest is pretty limited. This is basically it:

We decided to get an order of the Jumbo Shrimp and the Lobster Sliders.

This dish basically consists of four huge shrimp that have been grilled nice and crispy on a bed of pickled vegetable slaw. The shrimp were really tasty. The hot and sweet chili sauce really made the dish and I have to say I was pretty stuffed after 3 of these guys.

The lobster sliders on the other hand fell flat a bit. The brioche bun was a little to big for the size of lobster inside and the ginger ketchup really gave it a strange taste. Something about the flavors just didn’t work for me. Mr. T enjoyed them alright but agreed he wouldn’t order them again. For $18 we were expecting a larger portion with a better taste.

But your paying for the view a lot here so we did enjoy that while we ate. We started off with a table in the sun but moved to the outdoor bar for some shade about 10 minutes in. It was just too hot! After our meal we decided to head downtown to do a little walking around where we would soon be having our second seafood meal of the day.