Wings at 1849

I am always on the lookout for some decent wings in this city. I’ve come to terms with the fact that no place will ever have wings as good as Buffalo and that’s fine. Just give me some decent sized wings with a tasty sauce and that’ll tide me over till my next trip home. 1849 is one of those “tide me over” places.

Located among the slew of crappy bars on Bleeker street, 1849 is definitely not a place I recommend coming to late at night. I was only here once past 8:00 and it was filled to the brim with groups of loud, obnoxious drunk people.  However during the day, 1849 just may be one of my favorite places to stop for a quick bite to eat and to catch some sports. They have a decent amount of televisions and have 20 cent wings every day from 3:00-6:00.  Mr. T and I swung by just last week and got a couple of Hefeweizens and shared an order of their hot wings.

Now being a purist I am not a big fan of breaded wings. I actually hate them but for 1849 I make an exception because their sauce is so damn tasty. Seriously! I’m not sure what they do but it’s a little tangy, sweet and spicy at once. These wings also pack on a good amount of meat. Even if I take some of the breading off I’m left with a lot to munch on which can’t be said about some other wings in this city.

With 20 cent wings and half price beers till 8:00, 1849 is a pretty solid spot. Just get out of their before dark and you’ll thank me.