Back to Buffalo- Wings

Going back to Buffalo this past week was kind of like a whirlwind. I guess these things always are like that. Thankfully the service for my Grandmother was beautiful and it was wonderful to see all of the extended family again. I even got a chance to see my friends on Wednesday night a little. I ended up at the Bar Bill for the best wings in Buffalo and I swear it may have been the best wing showing I’ve ever had! I woke up Thursday wanting to get one more wing fix before flying home. Unfortunately we had an early appointment and needed somewhere closer to the airport. I put wings in my Google Maps and came up with Duff’s.

Duff’s always get lauded as one of the top wing places in Buffalo. I remember having it once years and years ago but it didn’t seem to make much of an impression on me. I figured I would try it again and see what all the hype was about.

We went to the location on Sheridan Drive and we walked into what looked more like a fast food/take out kind of place. I was expecting a little bit more of an upscale bar atmosphere. It was okay through- when you’re getting ready to eat wings the ambiance doesn’t matter that much.

The lunch special looked perfect for me- 10 wings and two sides for $9.95. That’s actually a pretty big lunch! Now my problem with ordering was the hot wing levels. In big letters is says across the menu “Medium is Hot! Medium Hot is Very Hot! Hot is Very, Very Hot!”

This stuff always annoys me a little. At Bar Bill I know they run on the hot side so I go for the medium since they flavor tastes better. Anywhere else I usually order hot since their sauce is usually weaker. I asked our waitress and she suggested the medium mild since the medium were “very hot”. (really not just hot?)

So I placed my order and my first side, a tossed salad and my beer came out. I had to try out the Duff’s original microbrew. I mean it’s the name of Homer Simpson’s beer right?

It was surprisingly tasty. If I still lived in Buffalo I could easily drink a couple of these. My salad was nothing special- just some iceberg in a bowl and I left most of it.

Then came the main event- wings.

When these wings came out I was pretty disappointed. They looked so dry. I enjoy a piping hot saucy wing. These were so overcooked that there were holes throughout the skin of most of them. The overcooking left the meat really dry and tasteless as well. And tasteless because the sauce had no flavor either. I’m not sure what they were going for but these were the blandest wings I’ve ever had in Buffalo.

The side of fries were a nice big portion and decent. But nothing exciting. A few minutes later the guys next to us got their wings and they looked so much better! Steaming and Saucy….maybe I ordered wrong? Who knows. I told my friend and he was appalled. “Why would anyone get wings from some place other than Bar Bill?” he said. Well I certainly don’t know.


Anonymous said…
I've been to Duff's and yes, nothing amazing about the wings. As a matter of fact, I thought Buffalo Wild Wings was better!

P.S. Have been reading your blog and would love if you could do more restaurants in Buffalo, but you don't live there so :)
Roze said…
That's funny. There's actually a Buffalo Wild Wings in Brooklyn. Maybe I should go??

And although I don't live in Buffalo anymore I do visit a lot and try to bring back a report each time. I'm thinking next time of trying out Mother's- I've never been!