Back to Wildwood

So even though I was extremely full from my enormous Croque at lunch, I found myself chowing down on some ribs late night at Union Square’s Wildwood. The night started at Shoolbreds, where we met up with some friends who were also enjoying the snow day. After many happy hour beers, we decided some food was in order. My friend was craving BBQ but of course all the best places- Rub, Blue Smoke, etc. were packed. Obviously on a Friday night you need a reservation for most any good restaurant in the city.

Luckily we were able to snag a last minute Open Table reservation at Wildwood. We got seated at a large table in the back and started out with an order of the Double Cut Bacon trio and the Jalapeño Bottle Caps. (The lighting in here is really strange so the pictures came out a little weird)

I thought the Jalapeño Bottle Caps were absolutely disgusting. Beer battered and fried jalapeño slices? I guess if you love jalapeños you might enjoy this dish but I found it to be pretty revolting. Not a dish for me- that's for sure.

The Double Cut Bacon trio was pretty good. I enjoyed the house cured the best with it’s slightly Smokey flavor. It’s hard to really love a Bacon appetizer however after having one at Peter Lugers. I don’t think anything will ever compare to that huge slab of swine I enjoyed there.

For the main course I split the Beef Short Rib with one of my friends. When Wildwood first opened I ordered this Rib and it was almost life changing. The moist succulent meat was truly falling off the bone and the sauce blew me away.

This time it just wasn’t as good. The meat was still falling off the bone but it was more fatty than succulent. I understand Short Ribs aren’t supposed to be lean but this had more fat than usual. I still enjoy the sauce at Wildwood but next time I would probably order something different.

Overall Wildwood kind of disappointed. The food was only so so and it ended up being quite pricey. We were ordering pitchers of beer for our group of six and at $22 for some Cold Ass beer they really added up quickly. However I do love their TV set up and the vinegar sauce on the pulled pork sandwich is the bomb. Next time I’ll stick to that for ordering and try to come when it’s not such a busy Friday night.