March Madness Chicken Wings

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I leave the stresses of work behind so I can stress out on college basketball instead. This year we started off the tournament Thursday at Landsdowne Road in Hell’s Kitchen. Landsdowne is known for a couple of things- lots of televisions, a decent beer selection and Scruffy Duffy wings.

Ah yes…Scruffy Duffy wings. Although the bar has long since closed the wings are still around. I believe the owners of Landsdowne used to own Scruffy Duffy’s as well and just brought the recipe over here. They had quite a cult following back in the day so I was excited to see how they compared to my beloved Buffalo wings. I had just eaten lunch so I tried to hold off until dinnertime but it seemed like everyone around me was eating them! The smell of wing sauce was everywhere and like some sick drug I couldn’t get them out of my head. I finally broke down and placed an order.

Within minutes my order of 12 medium wings arrived. I was excited to see they were decent size and extra saucy. I love a saucy wing. Biting in I noticed the crispy snap of a great Buffalo wing and a nice combination of spice and butter in the sauce. For medium this definitely is a little bit more on the spicy side but perfect for me. Would I say this is as good as wings in Buffalo- definitely not. Is this a really good wing for the city? Hell yes. Meaty, saucy and with an excellent blue cheese for dipping this is one wing I would order again in a second.

The wings might have been my good luck charm for the day since all of my teams ended up winning. I was feeling pretty good about the tournament until the weekend came and every team I bet on seemed to find a way to lose. Talk about upsets! What a crazy tournament so far. It’s been a nonstop action and although my wallet is much lighter now I’m loving every second of it.