The Best Banana Cake ever!

After the gut busting dinner that was the Momofuku Bo Ssam you would think I wouldn’t even look at another food item for at least a couple hours. However I have an uncanny ability to shove more food down my throat than most young women, and when it comes to dessert I go all out.

So after the pigout, I hauled my full bloated stomach over next door to the Milk bar. I was planning on ordering my usual Chocolate Malt Cake but then I spotted something even better. The banana cake!

Oh my goodness! Layers upon layers of wonderfully moist banana cake, rich gianduja fudge, sweet banana cream and a wonderfully crunchy hazelnut center make this cake one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time. The cake itself probably has about 10 sticks of butter inside but its creamy banana goodness is worth all of the fatty calories. There was something so satisfying about the hazelnut crunch that I literally could not put my fork down.

I’m so glad I got this cake. Am I happy I picked this over the Chocolate Malt? Well I’m not gonna lie…I got a piece of that as well. However I only had a bite or two and then saved the rest for another day. Come on… I do have some will power.

UPDATE- I just read via Eater that the slices of cake are no more!! You must buy an entire cake now! Something about freshness?? I'm beyond upset. I can't believe Momofuku is doing this. And seriously what are the chances that they make this decision on the day I write this post. Am I being punished for something? Why oh why didn't I try this cake sooner. It is a sad day for dessert lovers everywhere.

Momofuku Milk Bar