Sunday Sweet Treats

When I woke up Sunday and saw that the rain had finally stopped outside I was so excited. I am one of those people that constantly needs to be doing something. I can’t just lay around all day. I had been battling a really bad cold all week and with the treacherous rain I was forced to stay inside doing nothing even longer. Now with the rain gone I was excited for a great day walking around the city, so I jumped into the shower.

About 20 minutes later I came out dressed and ready to go. I grabbed my coat, took one more look out my window and…SHIT!!! It started raining AGAIN!!! You have got to be kidding me!

I had a moment of deep contemplation. My body was still filled with sickness, my runny nose, throbbing coughs and wheezy congestion were not going to get any better outside in the rain. However a moment more stuck inside my small apartment with nothing to do but watch Mr. T play Final Fantasy was about as close to hell as I could imagine. I needed to get outside.

So I forced myself out to the rainy city streets and walked a few blocks to my first stop of the day Fika. I had been dying for a macchiato all weekend and finally I got to enjoy one of my favorites.

Fika makes a mean macchiato. It’s always smooth and rich with a slightly nutty flavor. I’m so glad they opened this new location only 5 blocks away. I was also feigning for something a little sweet. They seemed to be out of my favorite vanilla dream cookies so I ordered a chocolate chip instead.

This cookie was interesting. It was super thin and extremely airy with little holes everywhere. Although it tasted pretty good it was too thin and soft to be fully satisfying. I ended up leaving most of it in the hopes of a better sweet treat elsewhere.

After I left Fika the rain had come to a steady drizzle and I had no umbrella. Still though I didn’t feel like going home. I decided a little rain never hurt anyone and I walked down to the West Village to one of my favorite bakeries Rocco’s for their cookies.

The first time I ever ate one of these cookies was about 11 years ago on my first trip to NYC with Mr. T. He took me to Rocco’s and showed me his favorite cookies the Pignoli’s.

The first one I had I actually hated. I remember distinctly taking a bite and declaring anyone who put pine nuts on a cookie to be just insane. Why ruin a perfectly good sweet?

However my taste buds have changed quite a bit since then and now I love these little buggers. Something about the texture of the cookie- chewy but light- almost like a macaroon and with that wonderful almond taste. I absolutely love them now and can’t get enough. Luckily Rocco’s isn’t closer because at $19.00 a pound these cookies aren’t exactly cheap. I can’t be blowing that kind of money on treats every day.

After Rocco’s I headed back home, stopping at Whole Foods on the way to pick up lunch for the week. By the time I reached my apartment I was pretty soaked and completely exhausted. I don’t think my body was quite ready for that little trek after being so sick all weekend. Oh well- sun is just around the corner and March Madness is about to begin!

Rocco's Pastry Shop

Fika Espresso Bar