My Bad Luck Birthday

Saturday I awoke to my birthday and I was actually feeling pretty good. I haven’t had many good birthdays the past few years but I was really feeling positive and free today. My parents were visiting, I had just gotten engaged, it was a good start to a new year.

I have been dying to go eat at Locanda Verde for weeks now. Pictures of the food are pretty much all over the Internet and every single dish makes me want to lick my computer screen!

I was lucky enough to score a brunch reservation on my birthday so my parents picked me up and off we headed down to Tribeca.

Okay I’m not going to get into the all of the details of what happened next because it would take about an hour. Here’s a short outline: my father jumped out of the car to look for a bathroom because we were stuck on the West Side Highway, I took over driving for 2 blocks and got hit by a huge moving truck, the police were called and Mr. T searched the city for my father who had left without the cell phone, I missed my birthday brunch because I spent about an hour discussing the accident with the police (which by the way was not my fault at all).

It was crazy. By the time the whole thing was over my Dad was found, the car was drivable but I was kind of an emotional mess.I just wanted to get away from Tribeca as soon as possible so we decided to head east in search of food and hopefully a cocktail to calm the nerves.

This ended up being the worst idea I may have ever had since we ended up getting stuck in traffic for another 2 hours trying to maneuver around all of the street fairs going on.  At this point I didn’t want to celebrate anymore. I just wanted some good food, a big drink and a place where no one would bother me. So we ended up at Zum Schneider. Can you believe it! Exactly where I celebrated my birthday the year before.  Oh well. This is a food blog right? Enough about me and back to the food.

It was nearing the end of brunch so they were serving both the brunch and dinner menus. I decided to try something new and got the Strammer Max.

Yum!! Just looking at this makes me crave another one. Perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs sat on top of some rich melted cheese and thick slabs of grilled and buttered toast. I needed some comfort and this fit the bill.

My Mom ordered the Grune Eier.

Two eggs served with wonderful creamed spinach and a side of roasted potatoes.

Mr. T was the only one who decided to go towards the dinner menu and ordered the Schweinebraten.

A nice big piece of pork that had been roasted in dark brown beer gravy and served with potato dumplings and a Bavarian salad.

The only picture I didn’t get was my father’s vegetarian dish which consisted of different kinds of German salads.

Everyone loved their food and about halfway through my liter of beer I was feeling much better.

My parents ended up heading towards home after brunch. Mr. T and I decided it would be a good idea to go home where nothing bad could happen to us.

Of course our bad luck followed us home as well. We decided to have one last drink on the rooftop and Mr. T ended up falling down the slippery stairs hurting his back. He has been laid out all week at home ever since.

So needless to say it wasn’t a very happy birthday at all. Oh well. You know what, the beer was tasty the food was filling, and I got to spend some time with my family. If that’s what birthday’s are about I guess I can take all of that other crap. I just wish I didn’t have to.


Gar said…
that just makes your birthday so much more memory and you still have your loved ones with you so it's all good. Happy birthday!
Tasty Trekker said…
LOL! I like the way you think Gar. It will be always be one I will remember that's for sure.