Lunch at The Frying Pan

It was a wonderful sunny afternoon Saturday so we decided to enjoy some rays and have some beers out on the Frying Pan.

For those of you that don’t know- the Frying Pan is actually an old lightship that was built back in 1929. It apparently had some good years of sailing before sinking to the bottom of Chesapeake Bay for 3 years. After it was salvaged the new owners brought it to NYC and made it into a bar.

Now the boat sits on top of an old railroad barge on the West Side Highway. It has multiple decks filled with tables and chairs for sipping on some beers and enjoying the sun.

We got a great table right in the corner and ordered some buckets of Corona and food.

After about a 20 minute wait our number was called and we picked up our trays of food.

I was feeling something green so I went for a small Chicken Cesar Salad.

Now this salad didn’t look like much at first but man was it tasty! I love having food fresh off the grill and this The Chicken had a wonderful char on the outside. The salad was packed with Romaine lettuce, little kernels of corn and topped off with some of the tastiest Cesar dressing I’ve ever had. I was really quite impressed!

Everyone else at the table ordered the Burger.

The burgers were quite a bit bigger than I expected and tasty as well. Nothing fancy, just some ground chuck and cheese made a good solid burger.

Everyone else also ordered the Garlic Fries. Huge pieces of fried Garlic Cloves intermingled with the potatoes and all sprinkled with an ample amount of Old Bay Seasoning. The Old Bay flavor always gets to me a little bit but those fried cloves of garlic were pure delights!

Overall I was pretty happy with our lunch. I wasn’t expecting much from the food on this divey boat but everything turned out to be pretty great. It was a nice way to wrap up the end of summer.