Happy Saturday Cocktail at Otto's

After the disappointing stop at the Cowgirl Sea Horse I felt completely unsatisfied. I had been craving some kind of fruity drink to celebrate the end of summer and my Pina Colada did not fit the bill.

We decided to head out of the Seaport area and back towards home so we walked through Chinatown and the Lower East side until eventually ending up right outside Union Square. This is when I knew where I could get my fruity drink.

Otto’s Shrunken Head!!! I had never been to this place before but I’ve always wanted to go. I knew it wasn’t going to be awesome or anything but who doesn’t love a tikki bar once in a while?

It was still early when we got to Otto’s around 6:00 pm and the place was pretty empty. The only people at the bar were people who...well…looked like they probably never left the bar! Regulars I’d guess you’d call them.

We took a seat and I ordered up my fruity cocktail the Pangs Punch. Look at the radioactive drink!

Electric green liquid filled with multiple kinds of rum, a big chunk of pineapple, cherry and a plastic monkey- this was the drink I was looking to end my summer on!

In actuality the glow stick and plastic monkey probably made it taste better than it was, but still I was happy. I had left my plastic Sea Horse stick at the bar and now I had a new and improved replacement

Mr. T and I only ended up staying one drink but I had a fun time there. It was definitely a fun dive bar to have a drink.