Cowgirl Sea Horse Café

All week we had been planning to spend our Sunday walking around Governor’s Island. We got up early Sunday and did some errands before heading down to the ferry.

Apparently everyone else that decided to stay in the city for Labor Day weekend had the same idea. We got to the ferry building and it was packed!! Lines out the door zigzagging this way and that way. It was ridiculous! We quickly realized that if we wanted to get on that island we would have to be prepared to wait a while.

Well that just wasn’t in the cards. Neither of us wanted to spend our day waiting in a line so we left. Instead we walked over to Stone Street and toured around downtown Manhattan a little until eventually ending up right around the Seaport.

I was craving a fruity cocktail but didn’t want to get into the touristy crowd on the pier so we walked over on Font Street until we ended up at the Sea Horse Café.

We got the last two seats at the bar and ordered up some drinks and an appetizer. We have been to the other Cowgirl in the West Village before and this one has the same fun, kitschy décor.

I remember liking that locations Margarita before so I decided to try out this locations Pina Colada.

They serve all of their drinks in Mason Jars with Sea Horse swizzle stick’s inside. I was quite a fan of the swizzle stick but the rest of the drink left a lot to be desired.

The Pina Colada was so thick I could barely get any from my straw. The toasted coconut shavings on top were tasty but once those 5 pieces or so were gone, the drink had no flavor. It was just like drinking some frothy ice.

If the drink was bad our appetizer was even worse. These are the Clam Fritters.

Wow- incredibly over battered and covered in a strange mixture of spices there were absolutely horrific. It was almost as if they ran out of clams and decided that if they put enough different spices together and deep fried it no one would notice. I mean there was literally no clam inside at all or if there was it couldn’t be deciphered from all of the cilantro and red pepper in the mix.

The only good thing I can really say about the meal at all was the dipping sauces. For some reason the cocktail sauce and taster sauce were unbelievable. They both just had a great flavor. I wish the same could have been said the clams.

Mr. T and I barely ate our fritters and I left most of my Pina Colada (and my swizzle stick!) sitting on the bar. It was not a good stop in our day. Luckily the next place kind of made up for it.