A Little Disppoinment with Co.

Mr. T and I stopped into Co. Pizza the other night to grab a quick bite and relax with a drink. I’m going to preface this whole review by stating that we have been having a little trouble making ends meet money wise the past few weeks, so we were hoping a pizza dinner would be an inexpensive night out (all those visitors we had this summer really tapped us dry).

So of course once we sat down at Co. and saw the prices we realized that we were in a little too deep but we decided one drink each and one pie would have to be our limit.

We decided to order the Flambe Pie which came with béchamel, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions and lardoons.

Here is our flambé.

When this pizza came out I was super excited because the presentation was absolutely lovely. Big chunks of crispy onions, puffy charred pockets of crust and an incredible smell of garlic made this one multi-sensory experience to savor.

However the taste didn’t quite live up to the vision. Besides the amazing crust, the pizza surprising lacked in flavor. I was expecting a nice salty zing from the béchamel, a sweetness from the caramelized onions , maybe a fatty crunch from the lardoons! Nope! All I really tasted was dough and cheese.

It was disappointing and pretty overpriced. This 10-inch pie that Mr. T could have easily eaten 2 of alone cost $18. That’s a lot of moolah for pizza in this town. I’m not very big and I could have easily polished off this pie by myself. In fact we were still pretty hungry once we finished.

At that price I probably won’t be running back again anytime soon.
I’m glad I tried Co. My curiosity is satisfied but for now I’ll probably stick with my regular pizza joints.


Anonymous said…
My thoughts exactly.It would be over$100 for 2 glasses of wine ,a pizza each and a split salad.I was still hungry when i left and 19 for a bar pie in really $25 with tax and tip,absurd.I shall not be returning as well.I really enjoy your blog, as i love food as well.
Tasty Trekker said…
Thanks for saying you enjoy my blog! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this price was outlandish. A two person pizza dinner should never cost the same as a meal at the Gramercy Tavern Bar room :)