Yummm!! Jacques Torres Cookie

I've always been a person who NEEDS to have at least one piece of chocolate or sweet every day. I just don't feel right until I do.  But lately I've been needing more.  Not more chocolate but more dessert...Cupcakes, puddings, ice creams...my daily mini Toblerone and my scoop of Nutella just haven't been doing the job lately.

So the other day after lunch, I was heading to the nearby bodega for my sugar fix. You know, a Rocher or some other single serving piece of chocolate they usually keep on the counter. Something that makes me feel less guilty than buying a whole candy bar! But once I got inside, one look at the sad display of sweets I knew I needed something more  
So I decided to take a little walk and trekked all the way down to one of the best chocolatiers in the city..Jacques Torres.

Walking into his store is what I imagine it smelled like when Charlie first walked into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Except no Oompa Loompa's. I was overwhelmed by all of the goodies and treats everywhere. Carmel chocolate covered popcorn, rich fudgy brownies, wicked hot chocolate. The possibilities were endless.

But then I saw exactly what my body needed..a big, warm, fresh out of the oven Chocolate chip cookie!! Yes that would do just fine:)

This picture doesn't do justice for the cookies. First of all it's enormous. At least twice the size a cookie should be. Second, it was baked to perfection! The outside edges were brown and crisp while the center was warm and gooey goodness.

Somehow the cookie had an almost perfect balance of dough to chocolate ratio in every single bite! That Jacques Torres doesn't mess around :) So I feel a little bit guiltier than I would have if I had just stuck to my bodega candy. BUT my tummy is about ten times happier!!!!