So we're back and I feel a little crazy so this is going to be a short post.

We had SO much fun on our trip and have SO many great pics. I hope tomorrow I can get around to showing some.

We have the day off so it's a big possibility.

Quickly though...three things...two great, one scary,

One great..

The nutella crepe from the chocolatire in our hotel John Philippe.

Yumm!!!!SO good no wonder the line was 10 miles long but worth it.

Two the view from our dinner at Yellowtail in our hotel the Bellagio.

Unfortunately the food was hot garbage. (really it wasn't very good)

But the view was Spectacular!!

We got to see all of the Bellagio fountain shows and it was actually quite romantic.


The decor in Jack in the Box...

Scary!!! The whole place was!!

And the food was so bad we couldn't even eat it.

In-and-Out and Carl's were ten time better.

But that's for tomorrow's post. Till then...