Momofuku Noodle Bar

It was a FREEEZING day Wednesday and I was not prepared to handle the weather.

My thin black work pants were no match for the sharp wind and I dashed home after work to get some warmth.

I walked inside my apartment and instead of feeling the rush of heat I felt nothing. I went back out into the hallway and saw a sign up that said "Sorry for the inconvenience the boiler is broken".

Inconvenience!! It's fricken freezing!!

So I called Mr. T and told him the situation.

We decided to do what any normal American would and use it as an excuse to go out for some beers and dinner!

We met up at McSorleys and over a couple of darks and lights we decided to go to Momofuku Noodle bar for some warm comfort food.

We got to Momofuku right before 8:00 and only had to wait about 2 minutes for a seat.

Both of us knew exactly what we wanted so we placed our order and got our appetizer within minutes.

Of course we had to start with the pork buns.

Okay...SO much has been written about these things it’s a little ridiculous but oh my goodness ..they are amazing.

Just big juicy slabs of pork belly sandwiched inside some steamed buns with Hosin sauce and pickled cucumbers.

It is fatty fatty goodness!!!

Sometimes I swing by late afternoon when they're not busy and pick some up to go.

They are a little pricey at $9 for 2 buns but they are addictively delicious.

For our mains Mr. T got a big bowl of ramen to warm his belly. The Momofuku Ramen.

Look at this beautiful bowl!

I took a couple bites and it was delicious!!!

I was really surprised how tasty the broth itself was until I found out that David Chang makes it with roasted pork bones, mushrooms and bacon.

I think that would make anything taste wonderful.

Besides the wonderful noodles inside there was also some more pieces of pork , some bamboo shoots and a poached egg.

This dish will warm you up and make you as happy as a clam on a cold day!!

For my dish I got the Smoked Chicken Wings.

When they first came out I was a little bit worried. They looked small and soggy.

Thank goodness looks can be deceiving!

I don't know how they got these wings so crispy without having a char all over the wing!

The chicken had a wonderful aroma and when I bit in, the crispy exterior gave away to the taste of chili, garlic and scallions.

These wings were wonderful!!!

I literally fell in love. I wanted to seduce these wings, take them down to the courthouse and marry them.

I just love wings.

So once again Momofuku really hit the spot.

Mr T and I are seriously thinking of moving downtown a little bit to be closer to all of these great places.

Could you imagine if I could have Momofuku as my neighborhood joint!! It’s only about 12 blocks away right now but what if it was only 2!!!

Our lease is up next month...we will see...