Back to Buffalo...Again!

I'm going back to Buffalo this weekend to watch the Bills take on the Chargers in what I imagine to be a very, very tough game. I'm beyond psyched to see the game up close and personal for the first time this season. Last time I was home I talked a little about the food I had enjoyed although I never got around to talking about Tempo in downtown Buffalo, where I had a delicious Arugula and Prosciutto salad that was surprisingly accompanied by Feta cheese.

It came with a light lemon mint vinaigrette. The acid from this dressing really helped balance the strong taste of the Feta and it was delicious. My main course that night was also phenomanal the whole Branzino.

Yum!!! This came glazed in a Pesto sauce with a salad of sweet peppers and potatoes on the side. It was fabulous! I have had a lot of whole fish here in NYC and I would put this one up against the best here in the city. It was delicate, moist and simply bursting with flavor. 

Tempo was a beautiful place as well. It was located in a beautiful old building with shiny wooden floors and huge ceilings. We got the best seat of the house as well, the large table in front of the windows which really made it special. Well anyway...I am not sure what food adventures await me this time. It's more about hanging with family, friends and watching the Bills. And that's the most exciting part :)

See You Soon!!


Anonymous said…
That fish looks fantastic