A Fantittalliastic Falafel

Okay so Fantittalliastic isn't really a word but that's how I feel after I had one of these falafels today!!

I was heading to work this afternoon, through the West Village, when I happened across Taim. I saw a guy outside the small shop, eating what looked like an amazing sandwich so I stopped in to grab some lunch.

It was about 12:45 and the 5 stools inside Taim were filled and there were about 5 others waiting patiently in the sardine tin space for their food.

They had an awesome sounding Sun dried Tomato Falafel special but I decided to try one of their usual ones first so I went for the Red Whole wheat Pita falafel.

About ten minutes later I was out the door on my way to the office to indulge in my amazing pocket of goodness.

Look at the little guy in there when I opened him up!

Don't be shy little guy! You should be strutting your stuff with all of those toppings and awesome balls of flavor!

Yum! I took a bite right into one of the falafel balls and the wonderful taste of red roasted peppers came shooting at me.

See those red flakes- those are the peppers. And look at all the other stuff!!

I really shouldn't have called this guy little! This pita was packed to the brim with hummus, isralei salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, green cabbage and tahini sauce.

This was the most solid pita sandwich I have ever had in my life and I ended up eating the whole entire thing!

Once I was done I honestly was so full I had to go for a walk around the block before I could start working again! What an awesome lunch and guess what it cost me?

$5.45. Crazy cheap and delicious.

I am so happy I know how close Taim is to my office now. Their fries looked ridiculously good so I will be back soon with Mr T. to try those out. And it'll help me save some pennies for my bigger, more expensive outings!!