Great Macchiato at Abraco and the Burger that Put me Down

I'm on a big kick right now of trying out different places for espresso and macchiatos. I can no longer have a cup of cheap coffee from the deli like I sling back on the weekdays. The weekend is now reserved for tasting new coffee delights.

This weekend I knew I had to try out Abraco. Abraco has been getting great reviews from everyone it seems. Ever since my experience at Fika where my Ninth Street Espresso macchiato had no comparison, I have been more open to trying out different joints. Abraco is much closer than Fika as well. It's down on 7th street in the East Village where we find ourselves almost every weekend.

Abraco is a very tiny little espresso bar. When we arrived on Saturday there were about 5 people inside, which meant there was no room for us! That's how tiny it is!We patiently waited outside until a couple people left and then squeezed ourselves inside.

As soon as we walked in the door the man behind the counter gave us a huge smile and jovial welcome. Everything about him reminded me of a cartoon character with his wild hair and throaty voice. I liked this place already!

Mr T and I both decided to order macchiatos and I went for a Ginger Snap cookie.

My macchiato came and I spooned a teensy bit of raw sugar from the bowl on the counter and took a sip....

Yum. Serious good stuff. I loved it! It was such a good balance of creamy, strong, rich and smooth. I really can't explain it....and I don't even want to! It was plain delicious!!

Mr T announced it to be better than 9th Street and I would have to agree. Fika is still my fav but I have to place this as a very close second. It may move into a tie soon because of the location but we'll see what happens.

The Ginger Snap cookie was a classic- nothing more nothing less. Next time I want to try out their olive oil cookies which sound intriguing.

The best part about the whole experience, besides the amazing coffee, was the service.

The place was crowded the entire time we were inside and the barista treated everyone like a long lost friend. I just felt good inside being in there.

Unfortunately we should have stayed and had some sandwiches there :(

Instead we went to meet friends at Village Pourhouse to have some beers and watch some College Basketball.

About 2 beers in I realized that my early morning English Muffin a Ginger Snap cookie was not going to tie me over. I decided to order the burger because, well....any place can make a decent burger right?


It came out of the kitchen and it looked okay (are those grill marks painted on..)

So I took a bite.

Eww...It tasted like it had been covered in pepper and meat seasoner. I mean I could hardly taste the beef! And the texture was just strange.

I was really hungry (and a little buzzed) so I ate about a quarter of it- masking the taste with ketchup, tomato and mayonnaise (and I never have mayonnaise on my burger). Then I finally stopped. I was beginning to feel a little gross.

Damn you alcohol! You cloud my food judgement!

Well- long story short- I woke up the next morning about 5:00 with searing pains through my stomach. I felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly with a sword.

I'm sure there is an importent moral to be learned in this story, but I don't know what it is.

I just wish I had just stuck with my great macchiato.