To close out the big birthday weekend for Mr. T we ended with dinner at Bohemian.  It had been over five years since we last ate at this secret spot, tucked away behind a Japanese butcher store.  It had been so long I was actually worried they changed their secret phone number but luckily the number I had still worked and we were able to snag a reservation for Sunday night.

The menu was much larger than I remember it being in the past. American dishes like Macaroni and Cheese and Grilled Lamb Chops were listed right along with the Japanese classics.  We decided to forgo the tasting menu and instead order a variety of plates a la carte (which actually was a much pricier option).

To begin the gorgeous Tuna Lau'ai a super smokey bluefin tuna sashimi topped with white ponzu sauce and microgreens.

Washu Beef Short Rib Sashimi with soy marinated garlic.  I absolutely love eating beef sashimi. None of the fat gets cooked off so it's extra rich and silky.

One of the newest dishes to the menu was the Bohemian Macaroni & Cheese.  It seemed incredibly odd to me that this was listed as a dish but after one creamy cheesy bite I was hooked. Who am I to argue the menu decisions?

The next dish was actually the Mushroom Uni Croquette but I dove in and ate the whole thing before getting a picture.  Here's a look at what it looked like on our last visit (croquette pic).

Two thick slabs of Black Miso Cod followed.  For a while this dish was on every single Japanese menu in the city, but for some reason we haven't had an order in years.  This will be changing right away as the sweet wonderful sauce and tender flaky interior brought back every memory of eating this incredible fish.

Southern Style Grilled Chicken with foie gras mushroom gravy and an eggslut to finish. The chicken was sliced into pieces with a crisp breading on the outside perfect for standing up to the rich foie gravy.  This was such a big hearty dish we probably could have had only this and be happy, but birthdays are all about decadence and this certainly meet that standard.

It was a wonderful and relaxing meal filled with incredible food and even better cocktails like this delicious Yuzu Martini.  We will never wait so long again for the next visit. 

57 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012