Superiority Burger

When Superiority Burger opened two years ago all the hype and rave reviews were just too much for me.  As someone who is quite a serious meat eater (steak tartare is my favorite dish in life) I just assumed everyone was wrong and that all these vegetarians didn't really know what they were talking about.  I assumed it would taste like cardboard and I assumed I would hate it.  Well I assumed incorrectly.  I love this crazy little veggie burger!

No one seems to be quite sure exactly what its made out of but definitely got some nuts and grains, maybe mushroom; I'm not really sure what else but it doesn't really matter because you just need to know it tastes delicious!

The texture is a little bit mushier than normal burgers but pass by that small quibble and focus on the rich, salty flavors smothered in melted Munster cheese, lettuce, tomato and dill pickle.  

Not only are the burgers delicious but the sides are incredible as well.  Crispy brown potatoes doused with fiery hot sauce and green onions...

...creamy Tahini Cesar Salad and spicy Burnt Broccoli with cashews and red pepper.

It's all wonderful.  I honestly can't believe it took me over two full years to finally try this place out.  There's very little seating so take your food to go and chow down in the nearby park.  This is veggie burger goodness at its finest.

Superiority Burger
430 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10009