When &Pizza made its New York debut I honestly wasn't that excited.  I knew people in Washington D.C. were obsessed with this place but New York City already has tons of amazing pizza shops. How could this be any different?

Short answer- because it's all about variety. For just $10 you get a long, thin pie with any amount of toppings you want.  Meaning you can literally create a pie in hundreds of different ways.  They have a few specialty pizzas already to choose from but even those can be customized.  For this visit I chose half Gnarlic pie and half American Honey with extra mozzarella on both.

The Gnarlic side had garlic ricotta cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan and grilled onions studded with a bright basil pesto; while the American Honey side toted a spicy tomato sauce base with pepperoni, arugula, red pepper flakes and goat cheese layered with some sweet hot honey.  

Both sides were delicious; I loved the thin crispy edges of the pie and the balance of strong garlic and spicy honey. The pizza was easily big enough for two people but honestly so tasty I could have devoured it on my own. My only problem was actually deciding what to order since I wanted absolutely everything on top.  This place is fantastic for a quick, delicious lunch or dinner that's much more than just the usual slice joint.

15 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001