Rooftop Reds

Sometimes I am absolutely amazed at the strange situations I get myself into. Like when I decided to check out Rooftop Reds one day after work and ended up wandering around the Brooklyn Navy Yards for an hour; inside old abandoned buildings, up and down strange stairways sometimes leading to nowhere.  Let's just say I got pretty lost trying to find this place but when I finally did it was absolutely lovely.  Welcome to Rooftop Reds- the first commercially viable rooftop winery in NYC.

As you can see there are lots of vines growing up here.  The two guys behind this place have developed an urban planter system which will make the production of a completely Brooklyn vintage of wine possible.  

Ever think you'd being drinking wine and staring at a view of the Brooklyn Navy Yards sign at the same time?  Neither did I.

While the first harvest won't be ready until October 2016 the current wines sold at Rooftop Reds are from their Finger Lakes vineyard and a few surrounding wineries.  On busy nights wine is only available by the glass or bottle but when it's a bit slower tastings of all are available inside the tasting room.

Of course while I really enjoying doing flights of wine I'd much prefer spending my afternoon outside on one of their relaxing hammocks.

Or chilling out with friends eating some picnic fare at one of the many tables.  

This place really is some sort of urban oasis but it's not exactly easy to get to so here are some helpful hints I wish I had known before making the trek out.  First look for this building- 275.

Don't go walking into other numbered places as I did- this is your spot.  However the entrance is actually on the other side of the building so head to the left and look for the unmarked door on the other side.  Then continue walking up four fights of stairs until you get to the very very top. Don't veer off when you see the bathroom sign as I did.  There is another entrance around that end but it's an extremely scary staircase for those of us afraid of heights.  You want this one...


And then you should be at the top- time to grab some wine and kick back in a hammock.  You made it!  They have actually added some more specific directions to their website since I visited so check out that handy link as well.

Brooklyn Navel Yard- Building 275