Brunch at Bar Sardine

Sunday was another one of Mr. T's "couch days" which of course I just never enjoy.  The thought of sitting in one place all day just watching TV or playing videos games has absolutely zero appeal.  Apparently people find it relaxing; I think I would gouge my eyeballs out from boredom. So I set out on my own with Mr. T encouraging me to go do yoga somewhere and find my inner peace.  Obviously I did not go do yoga (I tried it once- not for me) but I did find my inner peace and an incredible burger at the cute little West Village spot Bar Sardine.

I came here about two years ago when this spot was known Chez Sardine and enjoyed a wonderful brunch of Baked Eggs with ricotta cheese. Since then the name has changed along with the menu to include fresh new items like Asparagus Primavera with fried egg and salsa verde, Grilled Cheese with eggplant-tomato tapenade and of course the Fedora Burger.

The patty's a blend of chuck and brisket topped with layer of smoked cheddar cheese, thinly sliced cucumbers, onions, fried potato sticks and BBQ mayo.  Now I'm not a huge cucumber or onion fan but I decided to go with the standard order and I'm happy I did.  Everything on this burger just worked together; the cooling cucumber, the smoky/sweet BBQ sauce and salty potato sticks that gave a satisfying crunch with each bite.

The sturdy grilled potato roll maintained all of the toppings and sauce without turning me or my plate into a soggy mess.  This burger was just fantastic; easily one of the best I've had this year and one of the most affordable as well at just $14 (fries are extra).

Delicious solo brunch for me, couch day for Mr. T; pretty perfect Sunday for the two of us :)

Bar Sardine
183 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10014