Return to Ed's Lobster Bar

Saturday night I had a shocking revelation. The summer was almost over and I had yet to enjoy a single lobster roll.  Mr. T and I were actually on our way to Parm for their incredible mozzarella sticks but as we walked past Ed's all thoughts of Italian food went out the door and seconds later we were sitting at the bar with cocktails in hand and lobster rolls on our plate.

Two top loading buns toasted on the grill with butter then stuffed with fresh claw meat, mayo and a sprinkle of herbs.  I was trying to be somewhat healthy with greens on the side but the long crispy french fries Mr. T got were a much better choice. 

Paired with a refreshing John Daly this meal couldn't get a better summer time vibe.

Ed's Lobster Bar
222 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012