The Musket Room

To kick off my birthday weekend Mr. T and I began with dinner at the Musket Room.  This New Zealand restaurant down in SOHO gives off a cozy rustic vibe. It feels like an old farmhouse with the delicious smell of wood from the oven warming the front entrance as you enter.  We began with a few of their specialty cocktails; the Elizabeth Street Mara with cucumber, basil and black lime for Mr. T and a frothy Lady Rutherford for me with cachaca, brazil nut and toasted coconut orgeat.  

The Musket Room offers three menus; a six course tasting, a ten course chefs tasting and an a la carte.  We decided to do the $75 six course with two additional add-on's not listed on either of the tasting menus.

To begin an amuse bouche from the chef including a trio of veggies asparagus, daikon and celery...

... and a basket of warm cheddar brioche rolls served with a rich creamy bone marrow butter.

The Duxbury Oyster with nasturtium vinaigrette was our first add-on of the night and easily my favorite course.  These oysters were exquisite- bright and briny with a nice herbal sweetness.  

1st Course- Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho with olive oil and herbs

2nd Course- Corn Custard with raw corn, truffle and herbs

Our second add-on course Foie Gras Torchon with nectarine, beet and brioche

3rd Course- Quail with blackberries, bread sauce and roasted onions

4th Course- Berkshire Pork with cauliflower, kale and orange

5th Course- Passion Fruit

6th Course- Chocolate, salted caramel and mandarin

The meal was wonderful; the crispy skin on the Berkshire Pork and delicious blackberry sauce on the quail were the biggest highlights in addition to the amazing oysters.  It was just a nice relaxing way to start the birthday weekend.

The Musket Room
265 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012


Anonymous said…
i seem to contact you every 2 years or so. just to let you know your blog is still being enjoyed by me. i have been meaning to eat at the musket room for a while now and i made a reservation yesterday for the weekend. and voila, your review appears today. great minds think alike and all that. happy birthday and keep at it.
Roze said…
Thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed your meal at the Musket Room!