Maspeth- Rosa's Pizza

Back in college there was a dive pizza joint called S&G's where everyone ended after a night of bar hopping.  They had all sorts of different pizza's that were nothing special but OMG their Mexican slice was INSANE!!  It was super thin, loaded with gooey cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef, a deliciously spicy salsa then topped with crushed tortilla chips. It was one serious sloppy mess to eat but nobody ever cared.  That slice was like winning the lottery at the end of a long boozy night.  

Since graduation I've been searching for something that would compare.  The specialty pie game in the city is honestly pretty weak.  Most stick mainly to the classic Italian standards (remember when Kramer wanted to put cucumbers on his pizza).  Then I found Rosa's out in Maspeth where this taco pizza seemed to be calling my name.  It had most of the ingredients; the gooey cheese, the spicy ground beef and tomatoes but it was still missing the salsa and crushed up chips on top.

This is probably the closest I've come to finding a good Mexican pizza here.  I could probably just add the missing ingredients but unfortunately the dough itself was just a bit too thick.

I couldn't leave without trying a regular slice as well.  Wow- if it wasn't for the thicker dough this might be the best pizza I've had in Queens.  It was super fresh with a garlic tomato sauce, tons of mozzarella cheese and an extra crispy brown crust which I love.

Rosa's Pizza
55-26 69th Street
 Maspeth, NY 11378