Blue Smoke

There are so many new places in our neighborhood it's easy to forget abut the old standbys; like Danny Meyers BBQ restaurant Blue Smoke.  It had been a full year since Mr. T and I had dined last and our first time checking out the new menu since Chef Bourgeois became head chef.

The regular Blue Smoke Burger was as hefty and tender as I remember but now included toppings like creamy pimento cheese and sweet maple smoked cheddar.

The Fried Chicken had also been revamped to include one of my favorite Brooklyn condiments Mike's Hot Honey.  I absolutely loved the spicy sweetness of this...Mr. T didn't quite agree with me but we he's wrong a lot :)

The one thing that didn't change were the cocktails.  The award winning Porch Swing (their spin on a classic Pimm's Cup) and the cucumber Ellington were just as I's always nice to come home to some old favorites.

116 East 27th between Park & Lexington
New York, NY 10010