Dorothée Selz at the French Cheese Board

There only a few weeks left to check out a fantastic exhibit by one of the original members of the Eat Art Movement at the French Cheese Board in Midtown.

Dorothée Selz has been creating exhibits throughout her home country of France since the 1970's but this is just the 2nd time she has brought her stunning array of culinary creations to NYC.

Just look at these cool edible creations from the gummy bear and Swiss cheese rounds to the whimsical slices of rainbow bread.  The entire space is like some wonderful Willy Wonka land of cheese and yeast.

There's also a whole timeline of her past work with some amazing pictures of the extravagant edible art shes constructed throughout the world.  It's a short, fun exhibit; perfect for a stroll during lunch or a pre-dinner show.  The exhibit runs from 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM weekdays through November 15th; so catch it while you can.

The French Cheese Board
26 West 39th Street between 5th & 6th
New York, NY 10018