Cocktails at Donna

After Luger's we took a stroll around the neighborhood a bit and stopped into Donna for one of their signature draft cocktails.  I was so full from lunch but somehow managed to fit in the incredible Frozen Brancolada made with Branca Menta, Appleton Rum, Coconut Cream, Pineapple and Orange Juice.

Mr. T went for the Dizzy Izzy made with Fino Sherry, Plantation Rum, Pineapple and Thai Chilies. Both were fantastic- one fruity and rich and the other light and spicy.

 Donna bills itself as "a mini-vacation you can take any day of the week" and I totally get that vibe inside.  There's just a great airy, laid back feel that makes the outside world seem light years away.  I have to remember return during the depths of winter for one of these tropical pick me ups.

27 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11249