Ample Hills Creamery- The Raw Deal

My domination of every Ample Hills Creamery flavor continues.  Since my last post I've had the wonderful Nonna D's Oatmeal Lace with brown butter cinnamon ice cream; the intense Salted Crack Caramel with butter caramel ice cream and chocolate butter saltines (too intense for Mr. T) and finally the Raw Deal- Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate flakes and brown butter chocolate cookie dough.

As you can see it looks a bit like a classic cookies and cream scoop but once you dig down deep the cookie dough balls emerge.

I really liked the sweet flavor of the brown butter dough but I honestly thought there was a bit too much inside.  About halfway through the cup I was out of ice cream and had only balls of dough left. I'll hope for a better dough to ice cream ratio my next visit.  My favorite continues to be that incredible Sweet as Honey.  I'm not sure anything this summer will beat it- until next visit!

Brooklyn Bridge Park- Pier 5
Brooklyn, NY 11201