Back to Peter Luger's

To kick off Mr. T's birthday we began in Williamsburg with lunch at Peter Luger's.  We made a reservation weeks in advance so getting a table was no issue.  Of course we had to wait to be seated for about 10 minutes as we always do before being lead into the half empty dining room.  I have never EVER been seated right away here- they always tell you to wait.  It's just one of the many annoyances that come with dining at this Brooklyn institution.

Of course we put up with it because the food is so fantastic.  The steaks are utterly amazing but lunch is all about the burger.  Mr. T and I usually both order the Cheeseburger medium rare. It's hard to think anything could be better than this big juicy burger.

However right before we dined Saturday I read an article Nick Solares wrote for Eater entitled The Simple Goodness of the Peter Luger Burger.  In it he speaks of the virtue of the beef and says to skip the cheese entirely.  I remembered how much I loved the burger at Minetta Tavern sans cheese so I decided to try it for myself.

Of course he was spot on.  The meat had such a clean, rich mineral flavor without the cheese. You could really taste the dry aged components of the beef and even the bun tasted better from soaking up all the juices without any melted cheese getting in the way. Side by side tasting we both agreed there was no comparison- the unadorned burger was the winner.  And at only $14.95 this 1/2 pound burger continues to be one the most delicious deals in the city.

178 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 11211