Taste Talks- All Star BBQ

Williamsburg was the epicenter of food this weekend with Taste Talks taking over the waterfront.  There was the Chicken and Waffles brunch, the Future Food Expo, food panels galore and an incredible All Star BBQ Sunday chock full of glorious meat like this Pig Head Salad with green mango, cabbage, cilantro, mint, mala vinaigrette and fish powder.

This was a David Santos/Jonathan Wu collaboration (Louro & Fung Tu) and it was flawless. The rich flavor of the pig was balanced perfectly by the sweet slivers of mango.

Lamb Tartare from Danny Bowien was chopped super fine with spicy sriracha and jalapeno and on a crisp, salty tortilla shell.

But the best of the bunch had no meat at all!  The veggie burger from Brooks Headly at Del Posto was so amazing it sold out just 30 minutes into the 2nd session.  I really hope she gets a place to grill these up full time.  Here's a look at some of the rest...

Barbecue Duck with sorghum, ginger and five spice flat bread from Wlima Jean.

Texas Hot Gut Sausage from Daniel Delaney at BrisketTown.

Boar Collar Meat grilled over charcoal and served with chilled mustard greens from Andy Ricker at Pok Pok.  I had one bite of this and the right side of my tongue went numb it was so spicy.

Mediterranean Tacos with egg, potatoes, capers and anchovies...

...and Charred Lamb Tongue with deep fried anchovy from Allswell & Black Axe Mangal (London).

My finale was Porchetta Kra Prow Tigelle from Action Bronson...

...and grilled Babka with cinamon swirl and cheesecake icing from Russ & Daughters.  It was a great weekend of food...cheers to Danny Bowien for putting it all together!