New Park Pizza

New Park Pizza is a brick oven pizza parlor that's been operating out in Howard Beach for over 55 years.

Right around noon each day a steady line of people stream in and out...some holding big boxes filled with whole pies but most just grabbing what New Park Pizza is known most for...the classic slice.

It's thin and crisp...perfecting for folding in half with a slightly droopy middle.  There's a good amount of cheese (I like my pizza cheesy) and a really delicious sauce on top that's sweet and maybe a tad salty...but in a great lip smacking salty way.

The bottom could be a bit more charred (extra crispy order for next visit) but this is still one of the best slices I've ever had in New York. I love my fancy pizzerias like DiFara's and Paulie Gees but when your looking for a delicious everyday slice this is the place to go.

New Park Pizza

156-71 Cross Bay Boulevard
Howard Beach, 11414