If food is art then Shawn Hergatt may be the Picasso of our time.  The most recent lunch with my friend Carrie was a breathtaking display of colors and textures that just seemed to dance across the plate.

Haas Avocado- Spot prawn- Cucumber Blossom

Tapioca-Local Black Bass- Iberico

Chocolate- Lovage- Oats

Everything from start to finish was exquisite.  There were multiple times throughout the meal where we would both go silent, as if our taste buds were commanding us to focus solely on the incredible flavors in each dish; like the delicate sweetness of the tapioca pearls elevating a simple fish to extraordinary levels.  For $35 this 3 course meal is an absolute steal.

Sweet Corn Beignets drizzled with honey and Green Tea Macadamia were a parting gift from the chef....just a small delicious reminder of the amazing meal. 


Anonymous said…
hi there. i don't know who you are but i noticed that you do not receive very many comments. i just wanted you to know that i enjoy reading your blog. anyone who can enjoy juni and also pizza from howard beach is my kind of guy/gal. i recently started having lunches with my wife and i think juni might be my favorite. always empty at lunch, terrific food and service and what a steal. keep up the posts!
Roze said…
Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I agree Juni is absolutely amazing...and I always say if you don't get satisfaction from a perfect slice you probably don't belong in NYC:)