Wines of Portugal

I was invited to a Wines of Portugal tasting last week and it was absolutely phenomenal.   The event was held in the beautiful Prince George Ballroom and started with a seminar by Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein.

He guided us through the various wine regions in Portugal while we tasted and gave a great overview of the culture.  Did you know Portugal has the 8th largest vineyard acreage in the world?  It's only 575 miles long and 138 miles wide...that means virtually everyone has some sort of vineyard!  Facts like those made the tasting fun and the hour flew by until it was time for the walk around event.  Hundreds of wineries were showcasing their products... of my favorites was this Moscatel that was sweet and smooth, perfect for an after drink drink...

All of the gorgeous wine from Pinhal Da Torre...

...the gorgeous man pouring the wine was quite nice also :) :)

They had wonderful food on display and some excellent cheese like the Jasper Hill Winnimere and Old Chatham Ewe's Blue.  I tried not to eat to much since I was heading to another seminar which included a food and wine paring from the Master Sommelier Evan and his mom Chef Joyce Goldstein.

It was a delightful tasting made even better by the delightful food.

The spicy tuna tartare was my favorite of the trio and we all left with a handy food pairing guide.

 It was a fantastic event that really opened my eyes to the enormous variety of Portuguese wines out there.  I may have to pick up a delicious bottle tonight:)

Wines of Portugal


Tiago Prates said…
Thank you very much! You can buy our Wines in NY :)

Tiago from Pinhal da Torre