Manhattan Cocktail Classic- Day Three

No you're not seeing things...I had to miss day two of the Classic but that's okay because Day three is always my favorite- Brooklyn Day!!  There are always delicious doughnuts from Dough in the morning.

The fluffy Toasted Coconut with creamy vanilla glaze is the things dreams are made of...obviously a morning cocktail is the only thing that makes sense at the Classic.

The Scarlet Letter with Sorel Hibiscus, prosecco and bitters was the perfect fizzy start to the day.  Sorel was the official sponsor for the day with Jack from Brooklyn shaking up the drinks.  There were some lovely warm weather choices like the Summer Madness with Sorel, Ginger Beer and honey lemon oil... well as the Ronin with smoky mezcal, Sorel, sake and grapefruit juice.

Then it was time for lunch with Lobster Rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound!

I love how the toasted buttery bun holds in all the creamy lobster goodness. These little sandwiches are amazing.  I didn't think lunch could get any better until I tried the Limencello Sorel sandwich cookies...

Everybody was raving about these and for good reason.  The inside was filled with a tart lemon raspberry cream and the crisp outer shell was dusted with some fine sugar.  I will be trying to recreate these at home this weekend:)   Then it was off to a seminar on Bacardi Rum Blending Art & Science.  

Followed by drinks outside at the penthouse suite with the guys from Palm Craft Spirits.

My favorite suite is always the High West Haus guys.  Last year they had everyone take goofy pictures with cowboy accessories.   This year I arrived and everyone was drinking Shiner Bock!  I'll admit it's not my favorite beer but it was incredibly refreshing to have a nice, cold beer in between all the fruity cocktails.  Then it was back downstairs for some meat and cheese from Stinky Brooklyn.

Followed by more dessert from Emeche; spicy cupcake pops in Red Velvet and creamy coconut Caribbean Dream.  I ended the day tasting a crazy Shochu cocktail from the Mizu table.

I never had a drink with truffle honey and the sweet savory flavor was somewhat of a revelation.  It's not something I would drink every day but it certainly made an impression.

I capped off the event with a spicy homemade Ginger Beer upstairs on the deck and called it a day.  Once again the Manhattan Cocktail Classic proved to be a fun and successful weekend of drinks and food.  It's such a great time to get together and celebrate all the wonderful things going on in the spirit community.  Cheers!