I've been taking a quick ride on the 7 train a lot more this year since Alewife opened.  I could tell you I'm going for the Fried Egg and Duck Confit Poutine...

...the shredded meat and runny egg could make anyone think of a return trip.

The crispy garlic fries are also a great reason to stop on by, but the real draw  is their incredible beer list.  Alewife has over 25 taps and a long list of well chosen bottles.

There's almost always something new and exciting to try out and if you're lucky they may even have something incredibly rare while your there.  My last visit we enjoyed some special Alewife beer that was well...special ;)  So take a ride on the 7 train and check out one of the best new beer bars this city has going right now.  It's worth the trip.