Indie Spirits Expo

My very last event of the Cocktail Classic was their independent spirits expo highlighting small batch, artisinal distillers from around the world.  The walk around tasting was held at the Penn Club this year and the gorgeous setting made for quite the cap off to the fabulous five day event.  There were so many wonderful people and's a few of my favorites.

The amazing drinks from Machu Pisco.  I love the sweet, spicy flavor of Pisco and this particular blend was very smooth.  

The incredibly interesting Novo Fogo, a type of Cachaca that's been aged in tiny oak barrels for over two years before bottling.  The flavor ends up as a mix of oak and vanilla...a great spin on regular Cachaca.

Always one of my favorites, Tia Maria, was served with pressed espresso, port wine and a flurry of chocolate on top...

...and a new favorite of the expo Keep It Simple Syrup.  My family loves Mojito's but who wants to spend all that time mashing the leaves and sugar.  I bought a frozen mix for them once and it just seemed messy.  This syrup was really easy and had all natural ingredients so it actually tasted like fresh lime and sugar instead of some weird corn syrup blend.

And last but not least 300 Joules, one Lemon and one Ginger, both surprisingly delicious liqueurs.  The creator is a retired cardiologist hence the "300 joules" it takes to shock someone back to life. It was great straight from the bottle but I could see it being used for multiple cocktails and even drizzled on a dessert.  I'm a big proponent of adding liqueur into just about everything:)

So there you have it- some great new ideas to spice up your cocktail world.  Cheers!

Indie Spirits Expo

Macchu Pisco Novofogo

Keep It Simple Syrup

300 Joules