Queens Kickshaw

Ever since the brother and sister-in-law moved back into the city I've been trying to find good vegetarian places for them to enjoy.  Queens Kickshaw was always on my "must try" list and I didn't even realize it was meat free- how perfect!  Let's cut right to the chase...their Kitchen Sink Salad is awesome.

Yep this has everything in it you could ever want...hard boiled egg, olive, pear and the biggest hunk of funky blue cheese I have ever seen in a salad.  I would come for just this alone...

I would skip the basket of knishes next time.  They weren't much better than ones you would find in a grocery store freezer.

Instead go for the fluffy Cheddar and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese which was perfectly buttery and rich.  It comes with a thick tomato soup that could almost pass as pasta sauce but I honesty like my tomato soup like that...much better for dipping.

The homemade Mac and Cheese has a brown crusty top and gooey cheese center.  This place had basically everything you could want in comfort food...just without the meat.  They also have a pretty nice beer list that constantly changes and strong delicious coffee.  This is a great place for a few pints and snacks if you find yourself in Astoria.