Lunch at Morimoto

I took an extra vacation day after our Philly trip to sleep in and get some errands accomplished...but of course I couldn't take a day off without enjoying a fancy solo lunch too:)   I decided to head to Morimoto for their $25 Bento Box lunch.  The choices that day were Sea Bass, Vegetarian, Grilled Wagyu Beef or Braised Black Cod.

I absolutely love getting bento boxes.  It's kind of like getting a personalized tasting menu where I get to try a bit of everything.  Plus each item has its own little compartment which makes my OCD tendencies very happy:)

I chose the Black Cod Miso which was moist and silky with a sweet buttery glaze.  I've had a lot of bad miso cod in my life but this one was executed perfectly.   Tuna, Yellowtail and Fluke comprised the sushi assortment with a delicious Spicy Yellowtail roll, crunchy asparagus tempura and a warm inviting miso soup. 

The meal ended with a refreshing Mango Panna Cotta with fresh berries.

  Ahhhhh...I live for these relaxing little lunches...