Manzanilla is one in a handful of new restaurants that just opened in our neighborhood.  This sprawling Spanish Brasserie from Dani Garcia is a bit hidden off Park Avenue South with big windows up front by the bar and an elegant back room for dining.  So far I've only tried appetizers like the Kale Salad with valdeon blue cheese, poached quail eggs, puffed wheat, almonds and black olive dressing.

When I read the description of this salad I knew it would be a winner.  The funky blue cheese, salty almonds and silky egg were a perfect match for the briny black olive dressing.  If only the portion were a little bit larger for the $14 price tag.

The Pork Belly Brioche were also tasty.  The buns had a great buttery texture perfect for holding in all the moist, fatty pork.  

The service still has a few kinks to work out...there always seems to be a little confusion as to who's doing what at the bar and last time my pour of wine was so minuscule even Mr. T made a comment.  But hopefully these are just opening jitters.