The Lazy Boy Saloon- White Plains

I'm always on the hunt for the best chicken wings in the city and I have to hand it to the Lazy Boy.  They know what they're doing out there in White Plains.

Their signature Tequila and Citrus wings were absolutely addictive.  There was something about that sauce that had me licking my lips the entire meal.

The Buffalo Wings were amazing as well.  The wing had a nice crisp exterior, delicious sauce and the blue cheese on the side was excellent.  These are the best wings I've had since going to Blondie's.

The beer selection wasn't too shabby either.  I asked for the beer list and was handed a book about an inch thick with beers from all over the world.  I don't make it to White Plains much but I'm pretty sure I just found my favorite spot.

Lazy Boy Saloon