A Little Lunch at Lupa

After my trip I was feeling like I needed to decompress a bit.  It had been such a busy jam packed visit a little me time seemed almost therapeutic.   As soon as I walked into Lupa I knew I had picked the right place.  The host greeted me warmly and suggested a table by the window so I could enjoy the view.

Just seconds after ordering a fragrant square of focaccia arrived with some delicious olive oil.  I only had a few bites because I was saving my carb intake for the special pasta that day.

Mussels and clams nestled among thick strands of pasta and dressed with a deconstructed pesto sauce and lemon.  This was everything a bowl of pasta should be and more.  I ended up eating all of my focaccia carbs just to sop up all the wonderful sauce at the end.  It was the perfect way to relax and get back into the swing of city life again.

Lupa Restaurant