Restaurant Week at Quality Meats

One of my favorite RW meals from last year is once again a winner. 

I love that they offer a glass of wine with the RW menu for a lower cost, definitely helped with the savings.  Once again they brought out the piping hot rosemary rolls to begin.

Onto my appetizer the Diver Scallops.

I was concerned about the combination of almonds and grapes but it completely worked in a strange subtle way.  The entrees looked wonderful but I asked to sub in another appetizer as my main.

I just couldn't eat here without having my favorite Steak Tartare in the city.  I could honestly eat one of these every single day.  But wait there's dessert!

Coffee and Doughnuts to be exact.  What's not to love about this fabulous meal!  Our service was great, my company was even better and the price was incredibly friendly.  This may have to be an annual RW meal from here on out. 

Quality Meats


That steak tartare looks insane! I LOVE steak, I really need to get there!
Roze said…
It's seriously wonderful. FYI it's only at available at lunch time during RW. After that dinner only. Enjoy!!!
Unknown said…
tried this place b/c of your post last year. i love love love this place... the tartare blows me away every time... thanks for the great find!
Roze said…
Yay! So glad you liked it as much as I did. I may try to get one more lunch in there next week :)