The NoMad Rooftop

I truly believe the NoMad is one of the best new restaurants to open this year.  So when they announced dinner service on their rooftop with a brand new menu I was one of the first one to scramble for a reservation.

We arrived just as the sun was setting and the view was certainly beautiful.  There was some jazz music playing softly in the background and the plants swayed in the breeze.  They offered 3 different pairings for the meal a Rose, Classic and Soft.

The options were nice but we settled on a bottle of Sancerre instead which happened to be the perfect choice.

Onto the food. To begin Littleneck Clam with Smoked Sturgeon, Cucumber and Melon.

Tomato Flatbread with Lemon Verbena and Tomato Soda.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Bufalo Mozzarella.

Roasted Eggplant with Sausage and Bulgur Wheat.

Bass with Asparagus and Black Peas.

Roasted Duck Breast with Apricot, Chamomile and Swiss Chard.

Cherry Sorbet with Granola and Mascarpone Ice Cream.

Shaved Ice to end.

All of the food was great.  I enjoyed the Roasted Eggplant and Duck Breast the most of the savory dishes.  The Cherry sundae to finish was my favorite course of the night.  If you like the Milk and Honey dessert from downstairs you'll like this one as well.  The scene outside also got more beautiful as the night went on.

It was fun trying to figure out which building housed which rooftop.

We had such a relaxing and enjoyable night but in the end we both felt it just wasn't worth the price.  While all of the food was good not one dish made me say "wow" and when I'm paying over this much for a meal I want to say "wow" at least once.

As I write this I am actually getting ready to return to the NoMad downstairs for dinner this evening.  I am lucky enough to be celebrating Fathers Day there and I cannot wait to get my hands on that fabulous Roasted Chicken again and fantastic Fruits de Mer.  I understand the two restaurants are trying to be separate but at no point did I reach the level of excitement I am at right now for the food I experienced on that roof.   That being said I had many "wow" moments downstairs so if anyone can change things around  Daniel Humm is that man.  I have no doubt.

The NoMad Rooftop